Fly Fishing For Fun
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 11:38 PM - Fishing
Fly Fishing For Fun. A fishing article.
Fly fishing is very different than fishing with a lure or worm type baits. The fly fisherman uses a artificial fly consisting of bites of feathers, foam, hide, fur, yarn, and other materials to be tried on to a hook that make it appealing to the type of fish you are catching.

Every fly fisherman has his own type of flies he like to use some purchase them and then some of us like to tie our own. Fly tying is more of an art with basic training which most people can learn over a short period of time.

Dry fly fishing is the best classic form of fishing. The artificial fly is cast so that it floats on the surface of the water. As the fly passes over the fish it will rise to the surface and strike or take the fly.

With the fly rod you will attempt to stop the fish from spitting out the fly and get it tired enough so you can land it in your net. With fly fishing you will see all the action as you cast the fly and play the fish for a strike. The fly is very visible on the surface to the fish. You will see the fish take the fly on the surface however trout and other fish tend to feed under water so if you see the fish rising to the surface it is time to use a dry fly.

Wet flies will sink under the surface of the water an may be passed in front of the fish there bye causing the fish too strike at the fly,

Nymph fishing is very popular after the flies lay eggs on lakes or in streams and they hatch out as nymphs. As the nymphs make their way to the surface the fish will take them. When they get to the surface they will hatch into a flies. - See Fly Fishing For Fun for the complete article.
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How Long Your Mortgage Runs Determines How Much You Pay
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 08:54 PM - Real Estate
The first thing most of us think about when the time comes to take out a mortgage on a new home is the interest rate.

That’s both perfectly natural and very sensible. The rate of interest we pay can make an immense difference – a difference amounting to tens of thousands of dollars – in what the actual cost of our house ultimately turns out to be.

Still, interest rates are far from the only thing worth thinking about where mortgages are concerned. Other important variables need to be considered too. One is the question of whether to take a fixed interest rate of choose from among the many kinds of variable-rate mortgages that have been created over the years to meet the differing needs of different buyers.

Another – and a very important one – is the rather basic question of how long you want your mortgage to run. Even with fixed-rate mortgages, a broad spectrum of time spans is commonly available. In most cases the extremes are 15 years on the short side, 30 years on the long.

Some years ago, when a famous scientist was asked to name the most powerful force in the universe, he answered “the power of compound interest.” This reply suggests that he was knowledgeable not only about the laws of nature but the principles of finance – about what happens to even a modest sum of money when it continues to accumulate interest year after year after year.

Even at a modest rate of interest, money in a savings account can double within ten years or less. The amount actually paid for a house with a $100,000 mortgage can turn out to be several hundred thousand dollars if the mortgage runs for 30 years. - See How Long Your Mortgage Runs Determines How Much You Pay for the complete article.
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Clearwire and Sprint: Racing Ahead
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 07:29 PM - Business
Shares of Clearwire, a provider of wireless Internet access, surged on news that it's pairing with Sprint Nextel to create a nationwide network designed to provide mobile Internet access at faster speeds than typically available now.

The fruit of their cooperation will be the first coast-to-coast network providing broadband using WiMAX, a technology related to Wi-Fi with a wide-reaching signal so that users need not keep close to a hotspot at home or in a coffee shop to stay connected (see, 7/11/07, "Will Mobile WiMAX Crack Fortress Europe?"). The companies plan to market mobile WiMAX services under a common service brand.

Sprint Nextel (S) and Clearwire (CLWR) had been planning separate WiMAX systems, but they say combining forces will let them build a network more quickly and cheaply. "Our joint efforts will result in customers benefiting from a more extensive network, operating sooner, and using our respective spectrum more efficiently than either company could have on its own," Clearwire Chief Executive Officer Ben Wolff said in a statement.

First Step Toward a a Buyout?
UBS (UBSN) analyst John Hodulik writes in a research note, "While the agreement has a bigger impact on Clearwire, we believe it is likely to be positive for both companies."

Another analyst suggests the partnership could be the first step toward a buyout of Clearwire, which was founded in 2003 by Craig McCaw—a wireless entrepreneur who spearheaded the creation of the first nationwide cell-phone network two decades ago, then sold it for billions to AT&T (T). - See Clearwire and Sprint: Racing Ahead for the complete article.
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How To Build A Waterfall
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 06:24 PM - Home Improvement
How To Build A Waterfall. A home inprovement article.
The number one, most asked question that I receive about water features is "How do I build a waterfall?"

The first advice I give is to visit natural waterfalls or at least look at photos. Don't try to memorize just how they look...just get a general idea how the water flows around and over the rocks.

The design of your falls will depend on topography, pump and pipe size, length of water flow from pump to falls, pond size and possibly other site-specific factors. If your pond is just 4' x 6', you certainly don't want a large, three foot wide falls - keep the elements of your water feature in scale.

One of the most common mistakes results from the desire for a tall waterfall at a level building site...large amounts of soil are imported to build the falls up to a three or four foot height. Yes, you will achieve a dramatic waterfall, but the total effect will look more like an out of place volcano. A falls of just two feet will produce a very satisfactory effect both visually and audibly.

On a level site, with an "average" size pond of 11' x 16', the amount of soil needed to surround the biological filter and create the berm is just about equal to the amount of soil excavated from the works out quite well. To further enhance or enlarge the berm, you may want to import a little more soil, large boulders or other features.

If you are working on a slope, you have the option of placing the biological filter (waterfall source) uphill from the pond and creating a series of cascading waterfalls. This is how I built my falls, described in the photo essay here:

It was definitely an exercise in visualization to determine exactly how the water would flow down the falls. I made a slight underestimation of the total flow and could have widened the falls somewhat, but the effect is very acceptable. - See How To Build A Waterfall for the full article.
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International community refuses to deal with Hamas
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 05:10 PM - Middle East
International community refuses to deal with Hamas.  An international issues article.
The United States and European Union are continuing with their refusal to deal with Hamas as Tony Blair prepares to start his new job as Middle-East peace envoy.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado, both rejected any dealings with Hamas, even when questioned whether the stance could compromise Blair's work with the Palestinians.

"Hamas, I think, knows what is expected for international respectability,'' Rice told reporters at a news conference in Lisbon, shortly before the international diplomatic Quartet was to hold its first high-level meeting with Blair.

She said neither the Quartet - the US, EU, the UN and Russia - nor Washington would deal with Hamas unless it recognises Israel's right to exist and renounces terrorism, ruling out its participation in an upcoming Middle East peace meeting called by US President George Bush.

Speaking for the EU, Amado agreed. "I see no conditions at the moment to engage (in) new relations with Hamas without a new position from them,'' he said.
Source Belfast Telegraph
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Should Our Lawmakers Save us From Free Market Forces
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 07:06 AM - Politics - USA
Should Our Lawmakers Save us From Free Market Forces? Politics In America
Recently, our diligent lawmakers in the House passed a bill that would make gasoline price gouging a federal crime. I guess gouging the public with pork projects, bridges to nowhere, and subsidies to increase our daily costs is not high on their list of atrocities against U.S. constituents, but intervening in free market forces in an attempt to artificially cap commodity prices is deemed as a worthy cause. I have a problem with this nonsense. I can think of very few times where the country actually benefited from having the price of any particular good or service regulated by law, as opposed to free market capitalism. It is a complete affront to our way of life and what made this country competitive, as well as the world leader in business and power.

Does price gouging even occur?

Following Katrina, there were a couple instances where a news helicopter was hovering over a gas station portraying gas prices that were significantly higher than the rest of the nation. This did occur on a sporadic basis and what was the effect? It limited the demand and preserved supply for those who needed it. Imagine if gas continued to sell for $2.50 in Louisiana at that time. Since refineries, offshore platforms, infrastructure and the like were all damaged, there was no replenishment any time soon. The supply of gasoline would have evaporated quickly and consumers would be left in the dark with no gas. By hiking the price of gasoline to $3.50 in the southern parts of the country, consumers bought what they needed and conserved additional supplies for other consumers. This benefited more people in the end than having a couple folks guzzle up all the gasoline at once. This sounds a little simplified, but this is how supply and demand works on an aggregate basis.

Is price gouging actually that bad? - See Should Our Lawmakers Save us From Free Market Forces for the full article.
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Alaska's King Salmon
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 06:47 AM - Fishing
Alaska's King Salmon. A fishing article.
The Alaska King Salmon is the official state fish and ultimate prize for any fisherman looking for the excitement of landing a big one. King Salmon in the world famous Kenai River are plentiful and huge. Sport fishermen in the Kenai have caught trophy salmon weighing nearly 100-pounds, and it's not unusual for anglers to haul in 40 and 50 pounders. Thousands of people travel to the Kenai River and, with a licensed river guide, pursue its most prized bounty-- the King.

What do you use for bait? There are a few types of rigs that are best for attracting Alaska King Salmon. Spin-N-Glows, Vibrex Spinners, and plugs are three effective lures that usually provide optimum results. Two common fishing techniques used on guide boats on the Kenai are back trolling and drifting; while a third and relatively new method called back bouncing is also proving to be effective.

Back trolling usually incorporates Spin-N-Glows and salmon eggs or plugs. Some other effective lures for back trolling are Magnum Wiggle Worts, Flashtrap Spinners, Tadpollys, Kwikfish and Flatfish. In addition to the lure, you may also, depending upon the current, depth of the water, and location on the river, utilize divers, trolling weights, and diving lures. Baits that move erratically and rotate, especially those that create the illusion of a water creature in distress, will help attract salmon.

When back trolling, the guide has the boat work against the current, running the motor at the same speed or a bit slower than the river. This helps hold the boat in the same position on or to move slowly down the river. The boat should be moving downstream slower than the current while the lures are downstream ahead of the boat. Usually the bait moves close to the bottom of the river with a diver or weight attached 18 inches away from it to allow for proper depth. You'll know you've got a King Salmon on your line when the rod goes down and stays down. - See Alaska's King Salmon for the complete article.
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Inflation Will Cool Amid So-So Growth, Bernanke Predicts
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 01:38 AM - Economy - USA
Ben Bernanke's cautious take on the economy before Capitol Hill on Wednesday cast a slight pall over an already-gloomy Wall Street.

In his semiannual testimony, the Federal Reserve chairman predicted "moderate" economic growth through the second half with "a bit" of strengthening in 2008. He clearly kept his focus on fighting inflation, calling it the Fed's "predominant concern."

The Fed trimmed its real GDP growth forecast to 2.25%-2.5% this year. That's a bit slower than 2.5%-2.75% at his last appearance before Congress in February.

Bernanke said the housing slump is now expected to be a drag on growth well into 2008.

"They've acknowledged over the last couple months that problems in housing are going to take longer to work through than they anticipated at the beginning of the year," said Gary Thayer, chief economist at A.G. Edwards. (NYSE:AGE) "The chairman is not saying the economy is out of the woods. He's keeping the line that this is a moderate, growing economy."

Stocks sold off on weak earnings, subprime mortgage fears, higher oil prices and Bernanke's comments. But the key indexes recouped most of their losses by the close. The Nasdaq fell 0.5%, the Dow 0.4% and the S&P 500 0.2%.

Treasuries rallied on subprime jitters and Bernanke. The 10-year yield fell 3 basis points to 5.03% after sinking below 5% intraday.

The dollar fell to a 12-year low on worsening U.S. growth forecasts. See Inflation Will Cool Amid So-So Growth, Bernanke Predicts for the complete article.
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Article Marketing for Lawyers.
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 12:54 AM - Internet
Article Marketing for Lawyers. An internet article.
What is article marketing? Article marketing is a clever method of promoting a product or service through the use of articles. You simply write articles relating to your expertise. After you've created an article, you share your article with the world. Content is a valuable commodity on the Internet. If you provide good content, your article will likely be picked up for use in blogs, newsletters, lenses, portals and websites.

Article Marketing is an excellent way to promote a law firm. Law Firm articles can help establish credibility for your practice, help establish yourself as an expert in your field, brand your firm and lead potential clients to your firm. Also, since articles can be syndicated, there's an enormous potential to utilize articles to drive visitors to your law firm's website and to ultimately generate more business!

The following are some tips and ideas on how to write and promote your law firm articles.

Start with existing articles. In many cases you may have articles you've written in the past that are still relevant. Why not dust those off and use them to market your firm? In most cases, the content is still relevant or could be easily adapted to fit current trends and conditions.

Write new articles. Share your expertise by writing articles based on practice area topics for which you practice. For example, if you represent clients who have been involved in 18 wheeler accidents and would like to target more 18 wheeler cases, simply write an article about 18 wheeler accidents. To support your topic of choice, consult with research and statistics organizations. They provide detailed statistics, trends and information which can be referenced. Combine hard facts and data with your own experiences for a compelling article. - See Article Marketing for Lawyers for the full article.
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What Causes Jet Lag?
Thursday, July 19, 2007, 12:22 AM - Airline Travel
What Causes Jet Lag? A travel article.
Jet lag is a common sleep disorder suffered by many millions of travelers every day, whether traveling on business or for pleasure. In one recent survey of international business travelers, seventy four percent of those questioned said that they suffered frequently from jet lag.
Jet lag affects people of all ages, although its symptoms vary widely from person to person and tend to be more severe the older you get. Jet lag symptoms also tend to be worse if you are already suffering sleeping difficulties in advance of traveling.

Jet lag also increases with the number of time zones crossed during your journey. If the time difference between your starting point and destination is just two or three hours, then you are likely to experience little or no jet lag. However, once your journey extends across more than three time zones you will begin to experience the symptoms of jet lag, which will tend to worsen as the number of time zones increases.

So what causes jet lag?

Jet lag is caused by a significant and rapid change in time zones which result in a difference between the local time and the time recorded by your body’s internal clock.

Let’s say that you leave London at 11 o’clock on a Monday morning flying to Bangkok. The flight lasts twelve hours and you arrive in Bangkok at 11 o’clock that same evening London time. However, because you have flown across several time zones the local time in Bangkok is five o’clock on Tuesday morning. - See What Causes Jet Lag? for the complete article.
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